Cost Avoidance and normalization are related concepts but there are important differences.

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M&V is the industry standard term for the Measurement and Verification of energy savings due to energy management projects. In EnergyCAP, M&V is referred to as Cost Avoidance because the underlying purpose of M&V is to calculate the avoided cost attributable to energy management initiatives.

IPMVP, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, is a document published and maintained by an international non-profit organization (, a recognized authoritative guidance on M&V calculations. EnergyCAP uses the whole building protocol model from the IPMVP for Cost Avoidance calculations.

Although EnergyCAP’s normalized charts and reports enable comparisons of meter and building usage on more of an “apples-to-apples” basis due to calendarization and weather adjustments, normalization falls far short of IPMVP-compliant M&V.  Here are some important M&V features that are available only in EnergyCAP’s Cost Avoidance module: