User Defined Auto Groups (UDAGs) will help users get the best visibility and access to their building and meter data.  With User-Defined Auto-Groups, users can now create a group that is populated and maintained automatically using a comprehensive list of available filters, including meter and building User-Defined Fields (UDFs).  This provides an incredibly powerful way for users to create groups that retain relevance and real value.

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  1. Select Groups & Benchmarking from the Main Menu. The Groups Tree View will be displayed on the left, divided into Place and Meter Groups.
  2. Click to highlight the Place Category or Meter Category tree node under which the Group will reside.
  3. Click the Add button beneath the Tree View.


  4. On the General tab, complete all necessary fields.  Then click Continue.
    1. In the Name field, enter the display name for the Category. 
    2. In the Code field, a code based on the name will be automatically created. This field can be changed to any desired value.
    3. For Meter Groups, the Hide Group Members check box determines how to honor an individual's user permissions if others with a different set of permissions will be viewing data for the Group.
    4. Select the Automatic method radio button for the Group Maintenance Method


  5. On the Filters tab, set all applicable filters.  Then click Continue.



  6. On the Permissions tab, click a Group View Permission:
  7. Click Finish. The Group Wizard will close and the new Group will be available on the tree.

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