Templates are the heart of bill entry in EnergyCAP.  Created per commodity, templates are assigned to meters and dictate the data entry line items (called body lines) that can be hand-keyed into EnergyCAP for that meter.  Templates can have as few or as many lines as is necessary to capture the necessary data from paper bills that a user enters directly into the application, each line having specific captions that designate what data is required for that line.

While EnergyCAP comes with an extensive list of standard templates to enter bill data with varying levels of detail, many users want to manage and modify templates that track data specific to their utility bills.  Template Administration gives that power to administrators.

Administration of templates in EnergyCAP takes the approach that starting with something is usually easier than starting from scratch.  With this in mind, administrators can use a recently imported bill to create an exact template of the line item structure.  Otherwise, an existing template can be copied and modified to create the required template.