Changes to the application that are NOT User-based are considered Global changes. Global changes can be made from the Global Settings window.

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  1. Navigate to the Administration section in one of two ways:
  2. Select the Global Settings tree node.
  3. Update Global Settings as necessary. Refer to the Additional Information section of this page for an explanation of each field.
  4. Click Save. Changes will take effect on the next login. 

Rules & Restrictions

Additional Information

Below is a list of configuration fields provided in Global Settings, along with a description of each:

Set Automatic logout to

Select any number of minutes between 10 and 480 before the system automatically logs a user out for inactivity. 
On automatic logout, the last window an action was performed on will remain visible.  However, a logout warning and forced logout will occur the next time an action is attempted.

Display report filter values as

  • Dropdown list: Displays all values in a dropdown.
  • Search: Displays a blank text box.  As text is entered, all values that match are displayed in a dropdown for selection.
  • Search if dropdown count exceeds: The search option will only be available if the number of dropdown values is greater than the number listed.

Customize with your logo. 

The logo can be a maximum of 600x60 pixels. 

Organization Name

The name entered will be displayed on all report headers. 

Fiscal Year Start Month

This is the first month of the organization's fiscal year.  This will be the basis for all fiscal year calculations, including reports and charts.

Show Home in Main Menu

If no, the home option will not be accessible at all.  The Home menu option will be removed from the Main Menu and the Home icon will be removed from the available header options.

Default Country

Any country field in the application will default to the value selected. i.e. address.  Even though the country name is inserted by default, it can be changed for any particular field at any time.

Weather Degree Unit

This determines the unit in which all weather will be displayed. 

Search Box ModeThis allows clients to set the Global and Bill Entry search fields to require users to press the "Enter" key or to click the "Search" button to initiate the search.  When enabled, this option suspends the instant search feature that is available for those fields.