The Groups & Benchmarking Tree View is a powerful tool that can easily highlight buildings and meters that have abnormal use, cost or demand.  These abnormal buildings and meters often offer the greatest opportunity for cost reduction and energy savings.

The Tree View displays categories and groups of buildings and meters to help compare similar data to help identify anomalies.  Blue folders signify auto-groups which EnergyCAP maintains for you.  Yellow folders show categories and groups that have been created by users.

The PowerViews that are displayed for each Building or Meter group show aggregated consumption, cost or demand data from each member of the group.  The data can then be ordered in ascending or descending order to find the buildings or meters that could potentially benefit the most from more active energy management.  Currently, data is displayed for raw cost and use, unit cost per commodity, and by usage per floor area.  The average for all members of the group is always displayed to provide guidance on how much of an outlier a specific member is.  Although the most recent twelve months of data is compared by default, a custom date range can be set.

Finally, as Group PowerViews are examined, any member that appears to be skewing the comparison can be excluded from groups calculations while still remaining part of the group.  This is particularly useful when the Building and Meter Group filters are provided on reports and in other parts of the application, allowing a user-friendly way to get a consistent list of like members.

Key terms in Groups and Benchmarking include: