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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
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Bill Templates are commodity-specific forms that define a layout and sequence for entering utility bill information. Once they are created, templates can be assigned to accounts/meters, allowing associated billing and/or consumption information to be entered. Bill Templates allow customization to the appearance of the bill entry interface to closely match the billing information provided by the vendor for each account/meter. Templates ensure that bill entry personnel are capturing all desired billing data including use and cost. 

This topic will...

  • describe the process for adding a template.


    • The ability to add template requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
      • Administration Full Access
    • Import a bill in the exact layout needed for the template


  1. Navigate to the Administration section in one of two ways:

      • Select Administration from the Main Menu, OR
      • Click Admin under the More page header options.
  2. Select the Templates node from the tree.
  3. Click the Add Template button.


  4. On the Introduction tab, read the template overview information.  When done, click Continue.


  5. On the Acct/Meter Selection tab, locate the meter bill to be copied and then click Continue.
    1. The Search for an Account field, locates the account the bill to be copied is attached to.
    2. The Select a Meter field will displayed all the meters attached to the account selected.
    3. Once the meter has been selected, the last 24 bills will be listed in the Select a Billing Period field.
    4. The exact layout to be saved will be displayed in the Sample box below the fields.

  6. On the Template Name tab, input and edit the data as needed and then click Finish.


  7. Once the template is saved, it must be assigned to a meter before it will be used during manual bill entry of a bill.  Assigning a template can be done in one of two ways.

Rules & Restrictions

  • The default start date for the template is 1/1/1980.
  • Only one version of a template can be created at this time.
  • A template can not be deleted.
  • Only active accounts show up in the account search.  
  • Only active meters that have a rate and template attached will show up in the meter field. 

Additional Information

  • The name and code for the template will default to the following format if there are enough characters: UNIT_VENDORCODE_RATECODE_SEQNUM
    this can be changed if desired.

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