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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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The ENERGY STAR Settings are used to set the Minimum Billing Period for Submission.  The Minimum Billing Period for Submission dictates the earliest billing period that should be submitted to ENERGY STAR.  This provides a convenient way to prevent older (less reliable) data from being submitted to the rating system.  ENERGY STAR ratings may not be successfully returned if there are gaps in the historical billing records.  Setting the Global Minimum Billing Period appropriately can improve the success rate for ENERGY STAR building rating submissions.

This topic will...

  • describe the process for navigating to the ENERGY STAR Settings node.
  • explain each configuration listed in ENERGY STAR Settings.


  • The ability to edit ENERGY STAR settings requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:

    • Administration Full Access


  1. Navigate to the Administration section in one of two ways:
      • Select Administration from the Main Menu, OR
      • Click Admin under the More page header options

  2. Select the ENERGY STAR Settings tree node.
  3. Update the Minimum Billing Period for Submissions Settings as necessary. Refer to the Additional Information section of this page for an explanation of each field.

  4. Click Save. Changes will take effect on the next login. 

Rules & Restrictions

  • These settings only pertain to Buildings that have been enabled to participate in the ENERGY STAR rating system.
  • The Automatic Submission setting is only viable for ECI hosted databases.
  • Changes to these settings will not take effect until the next successful login to EnergyCAP.

Additional Information

Below is a list of fields provided in ENERGY STAR Settings, along with a description of each:

Submit bills with any Billing Period to ENERGY STAR

When selected this option specifies that there is no restriction on the amount of historical billing data that can be submitted to the ENERGY STAR rating system.

Only submit bills to ENERGY STAR with Billing Periods greater than or equal to

Dictates the earliest billing period that should be submitted to ENERGY STAR, providing a convenient way to prevent older (less reliable) data from being submitted to the rating system.


Automatic Submissions

Due to changes with Portfolio Manager, selecting this option does not enable automatic submission.

ECI hosted clients can choose to enable the automatic ENERGY STAR submission feature.  Every night our automated services will identify the databases have opted-in to have their data submitted automatically.  Any building with updated data (bills, buildings settings, or ENERGY STAR properties) since the building was last submitted will be processed and sent to Portfolio for ratings.




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