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In EnergyCAP Online, each user can custom-design bill lists to filter and display only the desired data. Not only can billing records be selected or excluded based on a wide variety of criteria, but the on-screen display can be modified by shifting and adding or removing the columns containing bill line items. Since bill lists are user-specific, you can create exactly which lists you need, and as many bill lists as you wish.

Bill Lists can be organized and sorted according to your own preferences. Here are the bill list elements you can control:

  • Select columns (click the Select Columns icon to open a window with checkbox options for every data point!)
  • Set filters (click the Set Filters icon to open a window with intuitive filter selection options)
  • Arrange column order (click and drag column headers to move your data around)
  • Set multiple sort order (Ctrl-click to select up to three column headers to perform the sort)

Here are some of the functions you can perform with the bill lists you create:

  • Export your lists and data columns to Excel
  • Select and act on many bills at once using the left column checkbox
  • Drill into individual bill records just by clicking the row in the bill list
  • View, Edit, Delete, View PDF, View Bill Image, Audit Bill, and more!

Below is a quick navigation guide to several of the custom design features.



For more information, see our Help Documentation on Bill Lists.

Watch our Help Video on Bill Lists.