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This Documentation relates to 3.5.
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How do I search for a building, account or a meter?

1. To search for an account, meter, or building by code or display name, click in the Search box in the top right corner and type your search word, number, or phrase.

2. If you want to search by additional fields, including address or meter serial number fields, click the button to the left of the search box to display the Additional Global Search Fields window. Check the boxes to include the associated information in the Search. When done, click Save.


3. A list of suggested items will appear as you type.* Choose from the list, or continue typing to further filter the results.


*Note: If your Search Mode is set to On Demand, you must press the Enter key to activate a Search. To check your Search preferences, click the green Master Menu bar (upper left) to select Administration > Global Settings > Search Box Mode

4. When you click a Search result, EnergyCAP will display the selected meter or building in the Buildings & Meters tree, or the selected account in the Accounts tree.

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