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    • Describe the process for creating a new chargeback account and meter from the Customers & Chargebacks Tree View.
    • Describe the process for adding a channel to a chargeback meter
    • NOT describe the process for creating a traditional utility bill account.  Please refer to Creating an Account.
    • NOT describe the process for adding a traditional meter. Please refer to Creating a Meter.


  • The ability to add a chargeback account requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
    • Administration Full Access
    • Bill Entry & Account Setup


  1. Select Customers & Chargebacks from the Main Menu. The Chargeback Tree View will be displayed on the left.

  2. Click the Add button below the Tree View. Click the Add Chargeback Account/Meter menu option.

  3. Review the instructional information provided with the Introduction tab. Then click Continue.

  4. On the Cost Center tab, choose the appropriate radio button and then click Continue.

    • Create a New Cost Center will create a new cost center for the account. Refer to the Creating a Cost Center Center topic for more explicit cost center creation help.

    • Select a Cost Center will associate the account with an existing cost center. Use the hierarchy to select the desired cost center.

  5. On the Service Address tab, enter Service Address information in the fields provided and then click Continue.

  6. On the Vendor tab, either:

    • Select the desired vendor using the Vendor drop-down OR 

    • Add a new vendor by clicking the Add button. Refer to the Adding a Vendor topic for more explicit vendor help.

  7. Select the radio button corresponding to the Vendor Type. Then click Continue.

  8. On the Customer Tab, complete the field and then click Continue.
    • Select the desired customer using the Customer drop-down OR
    • Add a new customer by clicking the Add button.  Refer to the Adding a Customer topic for more explicit customer help.

  9. On the Account Type tab, complete all fields and then click Continue.

    1. Enter the account Account Number.

    2. Click a radio button to indicate how the Account Name will be created. Complete additional fields if displayed.

    3. Click the checkbox if the Chargeback Account is to be included in Bill Accruals

  10. On the Create/Select tab, choose the appropriate radio button and the click Continue.

    1. Create a new meter will launch the Meter Wizard and add a new meter to the Building hierarchy.
    2. Select an existing meter will associate an existing chargeback meter with the new account.
      • NOTEs for Selecting an Existing Chargeback Meter:
          • When selecting an existing Chargeback Meter that is currently assigned to an active Chargeback Account/Meter relationship, then when the effective date is set for the new Chargeback Account relationship, the existing Account/Meter relationship will be ended as of that date when the new relationship with the new Account is completed.
          • When I pick a Chargeback Meter with an existing active Account/Meter relationship, I see something informing me that if I continue, the active relationship will be ended
          • The new Chargeback Account/Meter effective date MUST be after the start date of the existing Account/Meter relationship
          • If I'm ending an existing Chargeback account/meter relationship and starting a new one, I see a message reminding me to update or create any Distributions to use the new account/meter
  11. On the Place Assignment tab, choose the appropriate radio button and then click Continue.

    1. Create a new Building will create a new building for the meter. Refer to the Adding an Organization or Building topic for more explicit building creation help.

    2. Select a Place will associate the meter with an existing building. Use the hierarchy to select the desired building.

  12. On the General Info tab, complete all appropriate fields and then click Continue.

    1. Based on the commodity selected, the Name and Code are automatically generated. Edit these fields if desired.

    2. To enter the Address, click the Edit button and add meter address information in the fields provided. Only ZIP/Postal Code is required. Then click OK.

    3. (optional) Complete the Serial Number information for the meter. Typically, this number is physically stamped on the device by the manufacturer. 

  13. On the Additional Meter Info tab, complete all appropriate fields and then click Continue.

    1. Select the meter primary use from the Primary Use drop-down OR Add a new primary use by clicking the Add button and following the prompts provided.

    2. In the G/L Code field, enter an accounting code used to specify how charges are posted to an organization’s General Ledger. This code is only necessary if the organization is exporting billing data to an accounting system.

    3. If desired, complete the optional Bill Entry Note, which will be associated with the meter. Bill Entry Notes are visible during utility bill data entry for the associated account. 

  14. On the Rate Code tab, choose the appropriate radio button and then click Continue.

    • The Rate Code provides a list to select an existing vendor rate.

    • The Create a new rate for this vendor provides fields to enter the new Rate Code and enter the associated unit of measure.


  15. If the commodity is Electric, select any demand options on the Demand tab and then click Continue.

  16. On the Template Selection tab, select the desired bill entry template. Refer to Modifying Bill Entry Templates for additional template information. Then click Continue.

  17. On the Channels tab, complete the relevant information.

    1. Add channels by clicking the Add Channel button. Refer to the Adding the Adding a Channel topic Channel topic for more explicit channel help.

    2. Attach the meter to an existing route OR 
    3. Create a new route by clicking the + button next to the route drop down.

  18. Click Finish to save the meter information and close the Meter Wizard.

  19. Review all information from the Confirmation tab; then click Finish to close the Account/Meter Wizard.