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  1. Select Buildings & Meters from the Main Menu. The Buildings & Meters navigation Tree View will be displayed on the left.
  2. Select the building to be modified.
  3. Click the Edit button beneath the Tree View. 


  4. On the General tab: 
      • Name: Edit the Building name.
      • Code: Edit the Building code.
      • Primary Use: Select a category from the drop-down list. Or click the Add button to add a new Primary Use.
      • Address: Click the Edit button to change the existing address.
      • Weather Station:  Click the Edit button to change the assigned weather station.
        NOTE:  In order for the weather data to be imported daily, the assigned station must be selected from the list provided via a link in the Edit Weather Station window as a downloadable excel file.

      • IF the weather station being entered does not match the expected station for the corresponding ZIP/Postal Code, as determined by AccuWeather, a pop-up message is generated with notification that the station being assigned does not appear to be correct.  There are three options to continue, "Use the recommended station instead", "It's correct as-is. Please continue", or "Oops! Let me fix it."
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  5. On the Floor Area tab, either: 
      • Add a new floor area and effective date by clicking the Add button above the grid, OR
      • Edit an existing entry for floor area by clicking the Edit icon to the left of the floor area value. 

  6. For information on the ENERGY STAR and Include/Exclude settings tabs, please refer to Setting Up ENERGY STAR for a Building help topic.
  7. Click Save.