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  1. Select Buildings & Meters from the Main Menu. The Buildings navigation Tree View will be displayed on the left.
  2. Click the Add button below the Tree View. Click the Add Building menu option.


  3. From the Identity tab, complete all relevant fields and then click Continue.
    1. Complete the required Name field and press the Tab key.
    2. In the Code field, a code based on the name will be automatically created. This field can be edited if desired. 

  4. Complete desired address information in the fields provided (.  Then click Continue

    • The ZIP/Postal Code is required
    ). Then click Continue
    • because it is used to lookup and assign a weather station.  
    • The ZIP/Postal Code is also required if the building is to be submitted to the ENERGY STAR bench-marking system.  


  5. From the Additional Details tab, complete all relevant fields (none are required) and then click Continue
    • Select the building Primary Use from the drop-down list OR
    • Add a new Primary Use by clicking the Add button and following the prompts to define the new Primary Use.
    • Complete the Build Date. Floor Area and Area Unit of Measure fields.

  6. Click Finish. The Building/Organization Wizard will close and the new building will be added to the tree hierarchy.