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  1. In EnergyCAP, create the accounts and meters, and then select the appropriate bill entry templates.
  2. If cost avoidance reporting is used, perform Special Adjustment configuration tasks. These must be updated annually for each NEM meter. See concluding section below for details.
  3. Receive monthly bills for the Supplier, Local Distribution Company (LDC), and the Purchased Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and enter to EnergyCAP. (In addition, for some scenarios, until such time as submetering and interval data acquisition directly into EnergyCAP are available (est 4Q15, additional fees will apply), it may be necessary to access a PV submeter data website that contains PV production data and run a report/download of KWH in the same date range as the LDC bill. Eventually the entire end-to-end submeter data acquisition process will be automated.)
  4. Proceed with normal monthly reporting tasks (if cost avoidance reporting applies, run the Calculate Savings processor first).