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This page contains links to recent versions of EnergyCAP software that are available for download.  Supporting files, instructions, and resources are also included here for convenience.


EnergyCAP Online Installation Instructions


EnergyCAP Enterprise Installation Instructions

Release VersionDownloadInstallation InstructionsInstructions PDFRequired Database Version
6.3.69.xx SP2DOWNLOAD 6.3SP2 PDFDB69


Supporting Files

DescriptionApplies toRelease DateDownload
GHG Factors XMLEnergyCAP EnterpriseSpring 2018


Crystal Reports Web Server RuntimeEnergyCAP OnlineFall 2012DOWNLOAD
.NET 4.5.1 FrameworkEnergyCAP OnlineFall 2013DOWNLOAD


EnergyCAP Database Files


Release Version


Database scripts necessary for creating new and upgrading EnergyCAP databasesUp through


EnergyCAP Crystal Reports

DescriptionRelease VersionProduct VersionDownloadCrystal VersionRequired Database Version
EnergyCAP Enterprise ReportsMay 20156.3 SP1 or SP2DOWNLOAD8.5DB74
 June 20166.3 SP3DOWNLOAD8.5


 Mar 20176.3 SP3DOWNLOAD8.5DB81
 Sept 20176.3 SP3DOWNLOAD8.5DB83
EnergyCAP Online ReportsMay 20153.2DOWNLOAD2008DB74
 June 20163.5DOWNLOAD2008DB79
 Mar 20173.5DOWNLOAD2008DB81
 Sept 20173.5DOWNLOAD2008DB83

NOTE: Reports should be installed based on the database version you are currently running.


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