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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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A User Role is a predefined set of permissions that essentially determine what EnergyCAP options are accessible to a specific user, and what actions the user is allowed to perform. 

This section will...

  • Provide a list of the EnergyCAP core User Roles.


  • The ability to create or edit Users requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
    • Administrator - Full Access
  • The ability to view Users and User Role Assignments requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
    • Administrator - Full Access
    • Bill Entry & Account Setup

User Role Descriptions

A User Role defines the permissions of a user.  'View' permission means that a user can view data but cannot create, modify or delete records.  'Write' permission means that a user can create, modify and delete records.  One of the following User Roles must be assigned to each user.  They are listed in order from roles with the most access rights to roles with the least access rights:

Administrator - Full Access

Full view and write access to all menus, features, and functions. The Administrator User Role is the only one that can create new users or change a User Role assignment.

Bill Entry & Account Setup 

Ideal for a Data Entry Specialist who is responsible for day to day bill processing and associated setup tasks. This User Role has the same permissions as an Administrator, except it cannot create or modify users or access the Account Information window.

Bldg Administrator 

View access to all menus, features, and functions. Write access is limited to building and meter setup data such as name, address, floor area, and ENERGY STAR attributes.

Bill Entry Only 

This role is ideal for distance users who receive bills and need to enter them into the system. They cannot create or modify other data in the system but have full viewing access to all parts of the application.

Bldg Manager - View Only

Intended for a department/building manager or a consultant, this User Role has View access only, and is limited to six menus: Home, Buildings & Meters, Groups & Benchmarking, Accounts, Vendors & Rates, and Reports.

Public - View Only

The Public Access User Role grants view only access to four menus: Home, Buildings & Meters, Groups & Benchmarking, and Shared Reports. It is similar to Building Manager View Only, but does not allow view of Vendors & Rates and Accounts.

Public - Report Only

A Reports Only user can only view Shared Reports in the application. This is ideal for users that need to actually run reports on a periodic basis but would otherwise find the other data viewing options overwhelming and not useful.

* In EnergyCAP Online, it is possible that there may be other User Roles besides those listed above. The 'extra' User Roles are custom User Roles created by an Administrator through the Installed Version of EnergyCAP. If using EnergyCAP Express, no additional user roles can be provided.

The current list of User Roles can always be viewed within the application from the create or edit User window:

Rules & Restrictions

  • EnergyCAP Online contains a list of 'core' or 'canned' User Roles to make assigning permissions a more simplified process.  These 'core' Roles are designed to accommodate the most common User permission scenarios.  It is possible that a database could contain other User Roles, especially if the database was previously accessed using the older installed version of our software (EnergyCAP Enterprise).  
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