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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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This topic will...

  • describe the general process for using the Setup Manager to update items in EnergyCAP.


  • The ability to perform update processes requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
    • Administrator - Full Access 

There are three main differences that should be understood before embarking on updates through the Setup Manager:

  1. Most update spreadsheets can be generated on a filtered subset of your data.  The provided filters are limited and specific to the items being updated.
  2. There is no specific order required for items to be updated, 
  3. Update spreadsheets are provided with the existing data pre-populated. This makes it easy to locate and update any items.


  1. Navigate to the Administration section in one of two ways:

    • Select Administration from the Main Menu, OR
    • Click Admin under the More page header options.
  2. Select Update from the first dropdown menu presented.
  3. Select the type of item (Vendors, Cost Centers, etc.) to be imported, using the drop-down list provided.

  4. Generate and export the template by clicking the Generate Template button.

  5. Add the required/desired data to the template.

  6. When done, save the file and return to the Setup Manager screen.

  7. Click the Launch Import Wizard button.

  8. Click the Browse button. 

  9. Locate the prepared template file and click to select it. Then click Open.
  10. Click Continue from the Setup Sheet Importer. EnergyCAP will attempt to import the spreadsheet data and will display the import results.

  11. Click Accept to finish.  In order to change the currently updated information, make the changes on the import file and reimported.
Rules & Restrictions
  • If a row of data representing an item has errors, that item will be added to a new Excel file containing all errors, and the problem cells will be highlighted; cell notations will be provided specifying the errors.

  • Once the import process has been completed, the application will display how many items were successfully created and how many items failed to be created.  These failed items will be saved to a new Import Error spreadsheet template.

  • Updates cannot be canceled or rolled back in the current release.  In order to change the currently updated information, changes need to be made on the original file and reimported.
Additional Notes
  • It is strongly suggest that users always download a new update template each time the Setup Manager is used; this will ensure that spreadsheet update columns will have the most current pre-populated data available for selection when preparing the spreadsheet and that the most current version of the update spreadsheet is used.
  • After updating a Cost Avoidance Adjustments template, a log file can be viewed by selecting the Setup Log tab.


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