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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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The Setup Manager provides an easy way to import multiple Vendors, Rates, Places, Organizations, Accounts/Meters and Cost Centers into EnergyCAP.

All imports are accomplished using Excel™ spreadsheet templates provided by EnergyCAP. The process is simple.

  1. First, download (export) the appropriate template. This template will be customized using existing organization data.
  2. Then add the organization setup data to the spreadsheet using the columns provided.
  3. When done, save the spreadsheet and then upload (import) the data to the EnergyCAP database using the Import Wizard.

This method greatly speeds and simplifies the initial organization setup process.

NOTE: The EnergyCAP-generated setup spreadsheet templates may contain data from the current database. Always download a new template each time the Setup Manager is used, so that the most current information is used to generate the import template.

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