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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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One of the more useful chart overviews of Building or Organization's energy usage and trending is the Energy Use Intensity(EUI) chart located on the Normalized Data tab of any building  This chart provides a trend analysis for up to a ten-year span with monthly bar graph plots for all energy commodities associated with the selected node, as well as a monthly trend line expressing annualized use per unit area for the selected Place(s). Annualization helps minimize trend effects caused by missing bills. Each trend line data point represents the average of the prior 12 months.

For accounts with multiple years of data, it is possible to limit the data shown in the EUI chart to a different range of dates by using the date sliders that appear atop the chart. 

This topic will...

  • describe the process of resizing the Energy Use Intensity Chart 


  • The ability to view and resize the Energy Use Intensity chart requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
    • Administration Full Access
    • Bill Entry & Account Setup


  1. Select Buildings & Meters from the Main Menu.  The Buildings navigation Tree View will be displayed on the left. 
  2. Select the building with the EUI chart to be viewed.
  3. Click the Normalized Data tab
  4. Click the Energy Trend (EUI) subtab
  5. Click and drag the date slider to the desired date range.  To move the date range, click between the date sliders and drag to the desired date range.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Commodity energy use (colored bars) is expressed in global units.
  • The EUI Trend line is not visible until at least 18 months of previous data exist.
  • The slider option is only available if 5+ years of data are available.
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