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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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Administration Videos

Getting Started

The Dashboard, help resources, and basic EnergyCAP setup.



Templates/Workflow Settings

Templates and workflows can speed bill processing.

Adding a New User

Step-by-step directions for adding a new user from Administration.

Bill Entry Templates

Learn how to create and edit your bill entry templates.


Security and Licensing

Find out about security, ownership, hosting and licensing.


Branding EnergyCAP

Customize the appearance of your web interface.

Changing Units of Measure

Converting globals units from MMBTU's to KBTU's.

Overview of Administration

Configure global settings and manage users.

Search Feature

How to use the EnergyCAP Search feature.


Cost Avoidance Processors

The basics of using the processors.

Users and Permissions | Global Settings

An overview of these Administration modules.



Accounts Videos

Creating a Utility Bill Account

Description of basic account/meter setup.

Overview of Accounts

Setting up and using the Accounts module.

Inactive Meters and Accounts

How to manage inactive meters and accounts.

Creating and Editing Accounts and Meters

How to create and edit accounts and meters.


Managing Benchmark Groups

Learn how to manager meter and place groups.


Groups and Benchmarking

Introduces place and meter groups and automatic groups.

Bill Processing

Changing a Bill Entry Template

Change the bill entry template for a meter.


Importing Multiple-Meter Bills

Import bills with multiple meters.

How to Modify Audit Groups

Create a good audit process by modifying existing audit groups.

Bill Processing Overview

Get the big picture on bill processing options.

The Basics of Importing Bills

Save time by importing utility bills.

Importing Bills in Excel Format

Step-by-step guide for common bill import.

Overview of Bill Audits

Bill audits, tolerances, and audit groups.

Preparing Data for Import

Prepare bill data import spreadsheets.

How to Create an Audit Group

Directions for creating and audit group.

Resolving Bill Audit Problems

What to do when EnergyCAP reveals a potential billing problem.

Overview of Bill Lists

Use the bill list feature to customize your view of bill data.

How to Enter a Utility Bill

How to enter a utility bill manually.

Buildings and Meters

Assigning a Bill Entry Template

How to make changes to a meter's bill entry template.



ENERGY STAR setup, automated data submittal, and responses.

Buildings and Meters Overview

Overview of the Buildings and Meters module.

Making Special Adjustments

How to make special adjustments in Cost Avoidance.

Calendarization Overview

Calendarization of utility data for better reporting.

Normalization Overview

How to normalize data for better energy comparisons.

Project Tracking Overview

Learn how to track projects.

Average Unit Cost "Safety Net"

Using average unit cost to avoid calculation errors.

How to Create a Building

Set up place hierarchy.



Cost Avoidance

Cost Avoidance Charts

EnergyCAP's Cost Avoidance display and calculations.

Manual Cost Avoidance

Cost Avoidance scenarios and how to address them.

Other Cost Avoidance Savings

Explains the most advanced Cost Avoidance features.


Running Reports

Report setup, configuration, and filters.

EnergyCAP Report Overview

Report categories and specific reports.

Quick Reports

How to use quick reports.

Report Administration

Manage reports so users see the data important to them.


Report Designer

Video 1: Installation

Install instructions and introduces the ribbon.

Video 2: Using Templates

How to use and customize templates.

Video 3: Why use Pivot Tables

Microsoft video introducing the pivot table concept.


Video 4: Creating Pivot Tables

Microsoft video for creating pivot tables.

Vendors and Rates

Overview of Vendors and Rates

Introduction to the module.



Use vs. Weather

The basics of use vs. weather charts.

Weather Data Depot

How EnergyCAP tracks weather and the Weather Data Depot.


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