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This documentation relates to EnergyCAP version 3.6.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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The Buildings & Meters Tree View displays an organization's hierarchy consisting of Organizations, Buildings, and Meters. Creating a hierarchy allows energy data to be easily reported on, specifically showing PowerViews and other data that is aggregated at each node level.  This kind of organization makes it easy for organizations that have regional divisions, for instance, to quickly see energy use and spend for each region.  Individual billing data can always be viewed at the meter level, while aggregated energy usage and cost data can be displayed at each Building or Organization node including the entire organization by using the highest node.

Within the Buildings & Meters section there are numerous views of data that all relate to Organizations, Buildings or Meters.  

The Actual Data tab lists various sub-tabs that display actual bill data into yearly totals, monthly breakdowns, GHG emissions and other trend-type charts.  Depending on what kind of node that is selected, some tabs may appear or disappear if it is not relevant to the selected item.  A Bills tab, for instance, will only display when a Meter is selected.

The Calendarization tab displays similar data to that of the Actual Data views, but adjusted in a way that statistically breaks the data into calendar months based on weather.  More information about how Calendarization is done in EnergyCAP can be found on the Calendarization Overview page.

The Normalization tab displays similar data to that of the Calendarized Data views, further adjusted to show what energy usage trends would look like if outside weather was not a factor. More information about how Normalization is done in EnergyCAP can be found on the Normalization Overview page.

The Savings tab is a collection of subtabs to in total make up the EnergyCAP cost avoidance feature.  More information about this feature can be found in the Cost Avoidance section.

The Properties tab displays all the information specific to that building including address, floor area, groups, etc. It also includes a place to track all building projects.  

Rules & Restrictions

  • The Buildings & Meters view permission is required to access this view
  • To view the Calendarization, Normalization or Savings tab, the Cost Avoidance advanced feature must be included in your EnergyCAP License.
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