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This Documentation relates to 3.5.
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The Setup Manager offers a specific template for importing Cost Center information.

This topic will...

  • provide all the rules and restrictions included in the Setup Import Cost Center template.


  • Setup Import Cost Center Template must be generated using the instructions provided by the Setup Manager.

Rules & Restrictions

Template ColumnRules
Cost Center Code
  • Required for Cost Center; 
  • Code must be unique
  • Allowable characters include: A-Z, 0-9, "&", "_", "/"
Cost Center Name
  • Required for Cost Center; 
  • Does not have to be unique
parent Cost Center Code
  • Not Required for Cost Center;
  • This is the Cost Center that the newly created Cost Center will be listed under. 
  • If blank, the User's Top Most Place will be selected as the parent Cost Center.


Additional Information

Q: Can the parent Cost Center be a newly-created Cost Center?

A: Yes, the parent Cost Center can be a Cost Center that is being created in the same import template. Cost Centers are created in the order they are listed on the sheet. To list a Cost Center as a parent, define it in a preceding row of the spreadsheet.

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