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The quick check audit group was created so distinct group of audits are applied to every bill on save, if the workflow setting has been turned on.  

This topic will...

  • describe the process for editing the Quick Check Audit group
  • NOT describe how to apply the Quick Check Audit group to manual bill entry
  • list the default audit group settings


    • The ability to edit the Quick Check Audit Group requires permissions associated with the following User Roles:
      • Administrator - Full Access
      • Bill Entry & Account Setup
      • Bill Entry Only
      • Building Administrator


  1. Select Bill Processing from the Main Menu.  The Bill Processing navigation Tree View will be displayed on the left.
  2. Select the Quick Check Audit node from the tree. 
  3. Click the Edit icon for the desired Audit listed in the Audits in This Group grid. 

  4. On the General tab, make all necessary changes to the available fields. Settings options will vary depending on the nature of the audit.

  5. Click Save to save the new Audit Settings. 

Rules & Restrictions

  • Any audit can be added to or removed from the list by anyone with edit permission.

Additional Information

  • This audit group is not unique to the user.  All users with access to Audit Groups, can view this group.  Keep in mind that changes to the audit group settings will affect all users on the system.  There is currently no way to reset the group to the default values.  
  • Default Quick Check Audit Group values:


Bill01 --
Bill02 --
Cost0150%  skip zero
Cost0280%  skip zero
Cost0350% skip zero
Cost0480%  skip zero
Day0120 days < avg
Day0230 days > avg
Day055 days
Day0660 days after end date
Day0760 days after end date
Demand01Max Load Factor = 100
Use0350%  skip zero
Use0480%  skip zero


  • The name and code of the Audit Group cannot be edited.  Therefore, it does not show up on the Audit Groups tree node grid.


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