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This Documentation relates to 3.5.
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Bill Processing is the heart of utility bill management within EnergyCAP.  It is the main view for creating bills and batches, auditing existing bills, processing Cost Avoidance data, and creating Chargeback bills for Customers.

Utility Bills can be created manually or through a flexible bill import wizard using an Excel file template.

EnergyCAP also allows users to create customized bill lists to help find and organize specific workflow processes.  Each list can be filtered, sorted and organized to display just the bills necessary.  As with other bill lists in EnergyCAP, the results can then be exported to Excel for further processing and sharing.

Rules & Restrictions

  • The Workflow permission is required to view this Bill Processing
  • Audit - Execute permission is required to run and modify audit groups
  • Cost Avoidance Processor - Execute permission is required to process Cost Avoidance data
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