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The Accounts Tree View displays an organization's hierarchy of the accounting side of utility bill management, shown as Cost Centers and their related Accounts.  The structure of the Accounts Tree View is user configurable to help provide the most valuable analytics and display of utility bill data as typically needed by accounting departments.  Similar to other Tree Views in EnergyCAP, all bill data represented by an account is rolled up to each higher level of Cost Center that the account falls within providing aggregated PowerViews.

For any Account or Cost Center that is selected, PoweViews are displayed with data relevant to that node within the tree.  The Accounts tree is often organized in one of three ways: by departments, vendors, or to mimic the Buildings & Meters tree organization.  All nodes of the tree can be moved by dragging and dropping to provide flexibility throughout the setup process.

As with other key organizational nodes in other Tree Views, Cost Centers provide the added value of being a filter on many reports and throughout the application as an additional method to quickly find a group of accounts.

The Actual Data tab lists various sub-tabs that display actual bill data into yearly totals, monthly breakdowns, GHG emissions and other trend-type charts.  Depending on what kind of node that is selected, some tabs may appear or disappear if it is not relevant to the selected item.  A Bills tab, for instance, will only display when an Account is selected.

Rules & Restrictions

  • The Accounts view permission is required to access this view
  • Multiple organizational levels can be created by adding Cost Centers under other Cost Centers.


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