This Documentation relates to 2.11.
If you are using a different version, please view the Documentation for All Versions and select the relevant version.

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Welcome to the help documentation library for EnergyCAP Release 2.11.   


  • To navigate quickly to topic group folders and individual topics, use the list in the left pane. The topic list is organized in a hierarchy with primary topic groups appearing nearest the left margin. Click the topic title to display associated help information.

  • The box icon to the left of each topic title will contain a plus if there are additional hidden topics or topic groups. Click Expand All to reveal the entire topic structure OR Collapse All to collapse the hierarchy and display only the primary topic groups

  • To Search for a topic, input a query (word or phrase) into the Search field (located at the top of the navigation pane) and then click the Search button.


PDF Format Documentation

PDF format documentation is available for current and previous versions of the EnergyCAP online application.
Click the PDF Versions link to display the PDF downloads directory page.
From the Downloads list, click the PDF link corresponding to the desired download version.
The file will be downloaded to your default download destination folder.

Release Notes

Click here to access Release Notes for current and previous releases of the application.


For information about EnergyCAP products, visit the EnergyCAP home page.

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